Highlight your wine bottles from every angle

The smart solution for a modern, sleek and versatile wine rack!
Telescopic legs to ensure perfect fit and vertical poles that can be customized to any height.
Can be affixed to the wall or ceiling, depending on the room's layout.
A modular solution allowing for configurations of 1, 2 or 3 bottles wide of any type.
Complete freedom to store large quantities or other alcohol and bar supplies.
From an airy 1 bottle depth up to a 3 bottle for an abundant collection.

Anodized finish

Black anodized aluminium

Clear anodized aluminium

Wood and acrylic finish

Natural Walnut

Natural Oak

Noyer teint noir

Walnut Varnished

Oak varnished


*Acrylic is not available for structures such as the counter, the U-shelf, the display box, the glass racks and the alcove.

Units are modular and the different sizes can be combined in any way

Millesime wine racks offer a wide range of configurations, giving you the freedom to install one wherever you wish.
They are adaptable to all room layouts and
wine collections of any size.